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A Treetop Rollercoaster

The world’s first, longest and fastest treetop rollercoaster zipline swoops around trees, picking up speed as you dip, spin and spiral through a beautiful forest.

Sydney Fish Market

A guided morning tour of the Sydney Fish Market reveals how seafood gets to your plate, and with an excellent cooking school upstairs, you’ll learn how to prepare it too.

Freefall over Lake Macquarie

Nothing matches the sheer thrill and exhilaration of tandem skydiving, especially when you plummet at terminal velocity over the stunning coastline outside of Newcastle.

Quad Bike with the Worimi

Guided by the Worimi people, the indigenous owners of the land, the largest coastal dunes in the southern hemisphere make a magnificent playground for quad bikes.

Kayak in Byron Bay

Dip your toes into those “soothing Byron salts” as you paddle out to greet marine life in a three-person sea kayak, guided by local characters as you experience Byron’s nature at its finest.

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