What are the experiences and destinations that put Down Under on top of the world’s great travel destinations?
Enhancing the groundbreaking book of the same name, Robin Esrock’s Great Australian Bucket List blog contains regular posts, tips and advice about the very best activities and destinations Australia has to offer. We hope you enjoy it. 

  • Dozens of dark shadows slice through the turquoise waters of a holding pen located off the coast of Granite Island.   They’re big as sharks, but swim faster and with more deliberation, fading from vision before I can compute that I’ve seen them at all.   These are southern Bluefin tuna, weighing
  • View from the Top While it’s certainly not the only bicycle experience to tick off in Tasmania, or even on our bucket list, this ride does have a crucial element we can all appreciate: down. Bike rides are great but, unless you’re into pain and muscular glory, they’re even more
  • This month sees the publication of 75 Must See Places to Take the Kids (before they don’t want to go).    You see, while living and writing The Great Australian Bucket List, I was also travelling with my wife and two kids, aged 2 and 5, moving at a frenetic
  • Australians love the idea of being at the top of buildings and bridges. It’s an grounded in unique locations, over-proportionate attention to personal safety, slick marketing, huge opportunities for commercial profit, and less cynically, the chance to do something unusual.  Depending on your age, interest and physical ability, it will
  •   Thin metal rods are poking out a giant tree, spiraling up and up (and up) towards a wooden platform, 75 metres in the Western Australia sky. These karri trees are amongst the tallest hardwoods in the world, and this particular tree, the tallest in the forest, was once used
  • My cabin is as comfortable as any you’ll find on a train, the bed adorned with soft sheets and pillows, and still I cannot fall asleep.   Too much on my mind, too much to process from a day exploring remote underground homes in the world’s opal mining capital, too much
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