Recharge between the guardians

Crystal Castle


There is nowhere on the planet quite like Crystal Castle and the Shambhala Gardens. It is home to some of the planet’s largest and most spectacular crystals, a meditative escape surrounded by nature, Eastern-infused stone statues and golden stupas. Wander about the various gardens and crystals, or join a daily workshop or experience. The Enchanted Cave is the largest amethyst geode in the world, a massive and hollow egg-shaped rock lined with sparkling stardust. Overlooking the valley and made of smoky quartz sprinkled with shimmering amethyst and calcite crystal flowers, the Crystal Guardians face each other like two hands gently cupping anyone who stands between them, which is precisely what you’re invited to do.

Length of Trip : You'll want to spend at least a half day here, grabbing lunch as you do!

Cost :
Click here for the latest entrance prices and to book tickets.

Best time to go : Open 10am to 5pm year round, except Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Wheelchair friendly : Yes

Family friendly : Yes. There is a children's playground next to the Lotus Cafe.

Where to eat :
The on-site Lotus Cafe serves local, organic coffee and teas, a variety of nutritious snacks and tasty vegetarian meals.

Official Site :
Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens

Where to Stay :
In Byron Bay, we recommend the family-friendly Discovery Holiday Park. You can also visit Byron Bay Accom for other options.

Getting There :
Crystal Castle is located 20 minutes drive from Byron Bay, and 40 minutes drive from Gold Coast.

Note from Robin :
Geodes are spherical rocks with hollow cavities that contain crystals. In volcanic rock, they are formed when bubbles within lava slowly cools. Over millions of years, groundwater leeches into the cavity through cracks, depositing various minerals. When silicon and oxygen combine, it creates quartz. Structures in the crystal atoms reflect various light waves, resulting in different colours. You won’t know what the geode will look like until you crack it open. Every geode is unique, with amethyst crystals particularly prized for their appearance and energy.