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Visit the Museum of Old and New


The world’s best contemporary art museum is neither a place nor destination: it is an experience that will challenge, inspire, disturb, entertain, nourish and puzzle. Filled with whacky paintings, mind-bending sculptures, quirky contraptions, odd spaces and baffling displays, it takes you down the rabbit hole of creativity and eccentricity like no other art museum on the planet.

Length of Trip : Depending on how much time you want to invest, I'd suggest anywhere from 3-4 hours to a full day.

Cost :
Click here for the latest MONA admission costs.

Best time to go : Open year-round

Wheelchair friendly : Yes

Family friendly : Yes. Some of the exhibits will be strange or inappropriate for younger kids, although our toddlers loved their visit.

Where to eat :
There are excellent on-site cafes and restaurants. The Source Restaurant is open Wednesday–Monday for breakfast and lunch, and for dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings. Faro is open for dinner Wednesday–Monday. Museum visitors can eat and drink at Faro throughout the day. The Wine Bar is open from 9am. The Cellar Door is open from 9.30am.

Official Site :

Where to Stay :
MONA have their own suggestions for excellent accommodation options nearby. For families, we recommend our partner the Discovery Parks in Hobart.

Getting There :
Mona is located eleven kilometres north of Hobart, about twenty-five minutes by ferry, or twenty minutes by road. The museum operates it own ferry which departs from downtown Hobart. Click here for more info on how to get to MONA.

Note from Robin :
While recognizing that the artist and their intention is important, MONA's vision is to let the art speak for itself. This is why there are no display signs, but each visitor is given a small but easy-to-use "O" device, which detects where you are, identifies the art surrounding you, and explains everything you need to know about it. This includes essays for traditionalists, refreshingly candid voice recordings from the curators, and Gonzo notes from MONA's owner, David Walsh. Rental of the O Device is included in your entrance fee.


The Fat Car


A vast facility


Bit.fall by Julius Popp


Snake by Sydney Nolan


Down the Rabbit Hole


Cloaca Professional by Wim Delvoye