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Rafting the Tully


The success of any rafting adventure is dependant on your location, the temperature and quality of the water, your guide, the people in your raft, type of rapids, and how much punishment you can take before wanting to curl up in a ball. Rafting the Tully River, Australia’s best-known rafting destination, excels in all of it. As you conquer 12-14 kilometres of thrilling (and crocodile-safe) rapids amidst ancient rainforest and the Heritage-listed Wet Tropics of Queensland, prepare to get very, very, very, very wet.

Length of Trip : Full day trip

Cost :
Click here for the latest Tully River rafting packages from Raging Thunder.

Best time to go : Year round

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : Minimum age is 13 years

Where to eat :
A hot BBQ lunch and refreshments are provided during your rafting adventure.

Official Site :
Raging Thunder

Where to Stay :
Click here for accommodation options in Mission Beach and in Cairns.

Getting There :
A shuttle bus departs Cairns 6.30am and returns 6.00pm. Alternatively it departs Mission Beach at 7.30am and returns 4.30pm. You can also self drive, meeting the group in the El Arish Tavern outside of Tully.

Note from Robin :
Operating for over 30 years, Raging Thunder has guided over a million people down the Tully river. They know it like the back of an oar, and have the exclusive right to operate on the best parts of it. Remember to listen to your guide, work together as a team, and have a good laugh when the cocky guys up front inevitably tip out the raft.


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Courtesy Raging Thunder


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Courtesy Raging Thunder