The Oceanic Victor

Swim with Tuna


Southern Bluefin tuna weigh up to 200 kilograms and blitz underwater at speeds of up to 70 km/hr. Inside a 40-metre wide in-sea aquarium called the Oceanic Victor, put on a wetsuit, hop into the water with snorkel and mask, and hand feed these Ferraris of the Ocean. Inside this eco-friendly netted enclosure, you’ll also encounter dozens of other marine creatures, learn about them from friendly marine biologists and visit an underwater viewing deck. swimming with tuna in Victor Harbour is an unusual and unforgettable encounter with marine life in South Australia.

Length of Trip : 2 hours

Cost :
Click here for the latest prices from Oceanic Victor

Best time to go : Operates all year, although summer will definitely be warmer!

Wheelchair friendly : Call the operator if arrangements can be made

Family friendly : Definitely, kids will have a ball.

Where to eat :
There are snacks available on the Oceanic Victor as well as hot dogs from the grill. There's also a couple restaurants located close to the causeway.

Official Site :
Oceanic Victor

Where to Stay :
Click here for a range of accommodation options in Victor Harbour, or you could make it a day trip from Adelaide.

Getting There :
The Oceanic Victor are located in Encounter Bay, just off of Granite Island, Victor Harbor. Victor Harbor is about a 1.5 hours drive south of Adelaide.

Note from Robin :
The Oceanic Victor is not a tuna farm, it's an in-sea aquarium. Carefully monitored by marine biologists, these tuna will live out their days free from the distress of ending up on a plate in a sushi restaurant! The kids will have a blast, and beyond the tuna there are 40 other species of marine life in the in-sea aquarium. Wet suits are provided to keep you comfortable in the water. Beyond swimming with tuna, you can also feed them pilchard on special poles, watching them fly out of the water in sudden bursts of speed.


Courtesy Oceanic Victor


Courtesy Oceanic Victor


Courtesy Oceanic Victor


Courtesy Oceanic Victor