Treat Yourself

Soak in Peninsula Hot Springs


Below the surface of the Mornington Peninsula are natural sulphate alkaline hot springs, full of minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium ions, and low amounts of stinky sulphurous gas. Essentially, the very stuff Japanese and European bathers have been crazy about for millennia. Beyond the physically therapeutic benefits – hot springs are known to promote healthy skin, eliminate toxins, alleviate arthritis and reduce blood pressure – one finds the mental joy of peace and tranquillity. All of which are offered in abundance in Australia’s finest natural hot springs.

Length of Trip : From 45 minutes spa treatments up to a whole day of wellness with bath soaks, activities and fine dining.

Cost :
Click here to explore various packages available at Peninsula Hot Springs

Best time to go : Open 7 days a week

Wheelchair friendly : Call ahead to make arrangements

Family friendly : Yes, although some sections are for adults only.

Where to eat :
There are various dining options on-site. The Bath House Cafe is ideal for light meals, there's also a Spa Dreaming Centre Cafe picnic area open from dawn to dust.

Official Site :

Where to Stay :
The Peninsula Hot Springs suggests a variety of local accommodation partners, offering various packages.

Getting There :
You can find directions here.

Note from Robin :
Shaded by trees, there are several pools in the bathhouse, including a popular cave pool, and stimulating hydrojet pool. The adjacent Spa Dreaming Centre offers various massages to soothe body and soul. Try the reflexology walk, and cool off in the wooden barrels. The vine leaf massage gets a big thumbs up.