Lichtfield National Park

Swim in the Buley Rockholes


Litchfield is closer to Darwin than its more famous counterpart Kakadu, but the national park is just as worthwhile. Rent a car from Darwin’s Mitchell Street or hop on a full day tour to visit the park’s star attractions: the red-earth Cathedral termite mounds glowing in the sun, the magnetic termite mounds, the beautiful Florence Falls, and the cascading pools of the Buley Rockholes. Swimming in clean (and reassuringly croc-free) rivers and waterfalls is Northern Territory nature at its best.

Length of Trip : You can tick off Litchfield highlights with a long day trip from Darwin, or better yet an overnight getaway.

Cost :
It's free to visit the waterfalls and termite mounds. Shop around for a tour package in Darwin as there are many competing tour operators.

Best time to go : Mid-June to mid-September.

Wheelchair friendly : Not really, but call an operator to see if arrangements can be made.

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat :
We enjoyed our meals at the Batchelor Butterfly Farm restaurant, finding comfort foods and also some delicious Filipino dishes.

Official Site :
Litchfield National Park

Where to Stay :
The Batchelor Butterfly Farm is the work of a boisterous Irishman named Chris (and his family) who loves babies, butterflies, and bunnies. On site there's also goats and rabbits and pigs and snakes and a butterfly atrium; there’s a pool with rock waterfall and a fish pond; there’s Buddhist shrines and bean bags and lots of oversized teddy bears; there’s a dozen big toys and flamingo floaties and frogs hopping around. It’s a kid’s paradise, and Chris and his wife will swoop them up with big smiles and silly jokes and carrots to feed the animals.

Getting There :
Litchfield is approximately 120km south-east from Darwin via Batchelor on a fully-sealed road (the speed limit is a fast 130 km/hr). It is also accessible during the Dry Season via Cox Peninsula Road, which has some unsealed sections, and the 4WD Reynolds Track from Daly River Road in the south.

Note from Robin :
Florence Falls has two sizeable cascades falling into a 30m round rock pool. No crocs here, and it’s a very popular swimming spot. There's a 1.1km trail to the falls (or alternative trail with 134 steps). At Buleuy, the different pools let you do rock jumping, soak in a natural jacuzzi, and find your own little slice of Top End paradise. Don't miss the 3m-high cathedral termite mounds glowing orange at sunset.