An Urban Workout

Ascend Jacobs Ladder


Adjacent to Kings Park, the 242 concrete steps of Jacob’s Ladder has become a popular and quirky local workout in Perth. Even the very best fitness clubs cannot offer a view quite as stunning as the Swan River, the Darling Scarp, and the city skyline. Join locals early in the morning, during lunch breaks or before dinner and see how many circuits you can do before you feel the leg burn. The staircase is 46-metres long with 18 landings to take breaks. Once you’re done, head over to the Kings Park, the largest urban park in the world, for a relaxing stroll and fine cup of coffee.

Length of Trip : Depends on how many circuits you can manage.

Cost : This one is absolutely free.

Best time to go : Open year round, I would avoid doing it mid-day when it is too hot.

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : Yes, but your kids will be demanding some ice cream in return.

Where to eat :
Lots of great places to eat in Perth. Check out Varnish on King Italian at Garum, the popular Friends Restaurant and Lalla Rookh

Official Site :
Here's a helpful and fun step-by-step guide from Life on Perth

Where to Stay :
In Perth, we recommend staying at the the central and modern Attika Boutique Hotel

Getting There :
If you are driving along Kings Park Road, pass the roundabout and turn right onto Cliff St. The top of Jacobs Ladder is located at the end of Cliff Street.

Note from Robin :
Regulars have developed various strategies: every two steps for the first five platforms, then every one. Or take two steps on the way up, and every step on the way down. Stretching before and after is essential. You'll quickly find it's as much a spot for socialising as exercising, so don't be afraid to chat to your fellow stair climbers.