Fossick for Opals

Explore Coober Pedy


Welcome to the opal mining capital of the world, an eccentric outpost in the outback where the majority of people live in underground dugouts, and fortunes can be made beneath your feet. The post-apocalyptic landscape is aided by the relics of discarded science fiction movie props, and triangular mounds of mined dirt showcase a century of fossicking for Australia’s official gemstone. Coober Pedy attracts outback road-trippers with its miner-owned opal shops, a fascinating opal museum, and the opportunity to sleep in an underground hotel.

Length of Trip : Coober Pedy is usually a 2-3 day stop on your road trip north or south.

Cost :
You can sign up for a variety of tours in Coober Pedy and the surrounding area. Click here for more info.

Best time to go : Winter months, when the sun won't melt your eyeballs.

Wheelchair friendly : Yes

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat :
Opal Inn Bistro and Olive Street Cafe are great family-friendly options. Tom and Mary's Greek Taverna is also popular. Here are other places in town you can check out.

Official Site :

Where to Stay :
Click here for accommodation options, ranging from campgrounds to motels and underground hotels.

Getting There :
Coober Pedy is located along the Stuart Highway, 846km north of Adelaide and 685km south of Alice Springs. The Ghan stops 40 kilometres away and arranges bus tours into town. There is a charter flight service from Adelaide.

Note from Robin :
Coober Pedy is off-grid, with 70% of the town’s energy needs are met with solar and wind and the rest by battery. It's an eccentric little town full of eccentric characters. Say hello to Jimmy at Waffles and Opals, visit the impressive underground church, the desert golf course that has membership privileges at St Andrews, and learn the different between potch, a doublet and black opal at the museum. The space ship is a prop from the movie Pitch Black, while you can also spot (and drive on the road featured in the iconic film) Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Take a tour around town and also to local sites of interest, like the Breakaways and the Dog Fence.


Town View


Movie Prop


Jimmy at Waffles and Opals


Inside a Mine


Hole in One


Learning about Opal Mining


Inside the Church


The Breakaways


The Dog Fence