Lavender Fields Forever

Bridestowe Lavender Fields


Part of the mint family, lavender has been cultivated for fragrance, medicines, food and spiritual offerings. Romans fluffed up their sheets with lavender, and the flower was one of the holy essences used in the Biblical temple. Queen Elizabeth served up lavender jam in the 1600’s, and her royal descendants continue to use lavender soaps, balms and fresheners, just like the rest of us. The best quality lavender is grown in Tasmania. Fall in love with the sight of 650,000 lavender plants arranged in neat curved rows on a 260-acre property, especially in December and January, when the world’s largest private lavender farm is in full bloom.

Length of Trip : 2-3 hours, depending on how much time you want to spend exploring the fields or having lunch.

Cost :
Click here for the latest farm tour prices.

Best time to go : The lavender blooms in December and January.

Wheelchair friendly : Yes, although contact the farm to make arrangements

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat :
Definitely sample the lavender ice cream and tea at the on-site cafe. There are also meals and light snacks available.

Official Site :
Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Where to Stay :
Visit Destination Launceston for local accommodation options.

Getting There :
Launceston is the closest city to Bridestowe Estate. Take the B81 highway from Launceston for approximately 50 kilometres (45 minutes) through the forests and farmland of northern Tasmania to Bridestowe Estate at 296 Gillespies Road, Nabowla.

Note from Robin :
Bridestowe created a purple teddy stuffed with lavender that could be warmed up and used a soothing heat pack. In 2014, a famous Chinese model shared her love for Bobbie on social media, and with the help of a couple famous Chinese actresses doing the same, millions of under-30 Chinese women became convinced they needed a Bobbie too. Next thing you know 65,000 Chinese tourists visit the farm, Chinese President Xi Linping is gifted a Bobbie on a Tasmanian visit, and Bobbie gets a TV show! Demand far outstrips demand, but the estate will just gave to grin and bear it.


Courtesy Bridestowe Lavender Fields


Courtesy Bridestowe Lavender Fields


Courtesy Bridestowe Lavender Fields


Courtesy Bridestowe Lavender Fields


Courtesy Bridestowe Lavender Fields